We are non-profit organization, a group of passionate UX practitioners in Vietnam

The story

In 2018, a group of UX designers formed the UX Community and hosted many small meetups and events to create a place for all UXers in Vietnam to come, discuss, share and learn from each others.

​Inspired from the UXSEA Summit, the group then hosted the first ever UX Vietnam Festival Conference in January 2019. The event was successful and gathered up to more than 200 people attended.

In continuing the success., together with UXSEA (https://uxsea.org/) based in Singapore, UXVN aims to organize yearly UX events in Vietnam to help strengthen User Experience awareness and practice across Businesses, UX professionals and Academia in countries of South East Asia.

Our people

UX Vietnam Community is run by a team of passionate volunteers and we couldn’t do it without the generosity of our community partners and sponsors. 


UX, Product, Community Builder


Sr. UX Designer at Techcombank

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