JUN 30

Our story

Wishing to develop the community, UXVN and IxDA had an interesting meeting and decided to build the UX Mentorship Program together. UX field is quite complex and easy to get lost, we want to build this program to contribute to solving this problem.

40 Mentees will be instructed to solve real problems from 20 experienced Mentors. The most important value we want to bring through this program is to help Mentees understand themselves, understand what is happening and they will know what to do next.

Our Advisor

Duong Quoc Tu

Nguyen Ngoc Hieu

Deputy Head of Transformation Division

@ Techcombank

Chief Product Officer

@ Seedcom

Our Mentors

This is the tentative mentors, the official list will be updated on June 20

Visit the program's official website for detailed information

Sponsors and partners

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Sự kiện UXSEA Summit

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