Design Thinking Workshop with Khoa Nguyen

Hi everyone, this time I have a guest speaker Khoa Nguyen - Digital Transformation, Product Design and Innovation at Accenture Digital from Canada - who would share his experience and knowledge on Design Thinking from the place where UX has been developed and became matured.

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Topic: Design Thinking an approach to innovation, as well as a methodology for solving complex problems for people. In this interactive workshop, we will: - Redefine what design is according to the Design Thinking Mindset. - Introduce you to the three key design skills at the core of the Design Thinking process. - Deep dive into a selection of practical design thinking techniques that you'll be able to apply right away in your day-to-day work.

You will learn: - The importance of observing human experiences through ethnographic, participatory, and evaluative research. - A few techniques for synthesizing research insights into effective analytical frameworks for understanding people and systems, uncovering patterns and priorities, as well as framing/reframing problems. - A few techniques for concept ideation, modelling and prototyping, and design rationalization. - This workshop is open to all whose work it is to solve real and complex problems that affect people.

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